Design for You & Your Fur-Babies!

Rachael (left) and Sandy (Right) with Office Mascot Chloe!


Pets can make every home feel more comforting and loving, and my Maltese, Chloe, does that for me. She brightens everyone’s day at home and at work with her goofy mannerisms, routines, funny noises, and friendly nature. She takes her job seriously here at the office as our welcoming committee! As such, I understand firsthand the complications of making my home comfortable for my family, including my furry members. Here are a few tips for homeowners with pets:

  • Consider purchasing an air purifier. Pet dander can decrease your home’s air quality; an air purifier can help keep your family and any guests with minor allergies more comfortable, especially if you’ve got a multi-animal home.


  • Keep your home clean. Continuous cleaning and vacuuming is key to keeping your home in tip-top shape when pets are involved. Don’t have time to clean yourself? Call a professional cleaning service.


  • Commit to training your pets to stay off human furniture. Any pet owner will tell you that this is easier said than done, but training pets to stay off the bed or couch from an early age helps to ensure the longevity of your furnishings.


  • Make an investment in pet furniture. As with any home furnishings, the cheaper the purchase, the less likely it will last and provide comfort for your loved ones — in this case, your loved ones with four feet.


  • Keep your pets properly groomed. Grooming is key to keeping your animals happy and your home free of pet hair.


  • Utilize performance fabrics. There are many options for performance fabrics today that allow you to have style and peace of mind. Another option is leather, which is easily wipeable and fur just vacuums or wipes off! Make sure to get a leather that doesn’t easily mark so their nails do not add visual distressing to the piece over time.


  • Know your pet. Each pet is unique, just like us. Knowing their routines and tendencies, and incorporating those in your layout, can help both of you feel comfortable in the long run. For example, if a pet is always sitting in a specific window, then even if there are new pieces that might prevent that, like new draperies or a piece of furniture, they will still get in that window. Using window treatments that can be drawn away or a bench that you are happy to let them sit on keeps both of you happy.


  • Rugs underfoot. Older pets tend to get arthritis and benefit from rugs on floors just like we do. Think about adding carpeting to your stairs or areas they patrol frequently. Bonus: This also helps keep your hardwood floors from nail scratches if you have a larger pet.


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