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It’s finally spring! With the clean, fresh air and the warm spring weather, I find my eye drifting to look out the windows even more often at this time of year – and framing my view of the outside makes it even more beautiful. Window treatments are a great way to complete a room by adding visual interest and bringing the ceiling and your furniture together while also solving a host of potential problems like lack of privacy, sun glare, echo, and more. They also are one of our specialties.

We often hear our clients tell us how much they love their view and how they don’t want to cover it up. Yet, time after time, they’re amazed at how much more beautiful their view is when it is enhanced with custom window treatments. Think of a piece of art painted on a canvas: It’s beautiful on its own, but when it is framed properly, you can enhance your favorite elements of the artwork, increase the scale of the piece, and make the piece of art even more striking. The same is true for window treatments. By adding visual height to the window, you can trick the eye into seeing a larger window as well.

Adding window treatments to your windows can also give you added functionality. Perhaps you have strong mid-day sun reflecting off the water or a harsh glare at certain times of day where filtering or blocking the light would be nice. When you have tall ceilings and a lot of hard surfaces, you may have an echo in certain rooms. In these situations, window treatments can provide sound dampening that can absorb some of the sound instead of bouncing it around. There are even window treatment styles that can help reduce heat gain or block UV to protect your furnishings and decrease your electric bill.

In all of these situations, custom window treatments can provide a beautiful solution. Ready to enhance your windows? Give us a call today or fill out our contact us page to get started!

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