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Designing a home that mirrors your personal taste — and is equally comfortable and stylish — should always be the top priority. The design of your home’s interior can have a significant impact on your mood, well-being, and productivity. Following current trends can help you create a space that is both functional and modern.

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Design Inspired by Nature

When we think about design and decor inspired by nature, it goes above and beyond adding a few house plants to the mix.

Our natural environment and the beloved quirks, cracks and crevices behind Mother Nature have given homeowners the craving to incorporate sustainable furniture, earthy hues and unrefined textures. With more people concerned about the safety of our planet than ever, incorporating design inspired by nature is a trend to consider.

High-Tech Furniture

Traditional interior design and decor has emphasized furniture, texture and color. These elements are still just as important as ever, but the digital landscape has made incorporating high-tech furniture and features into the design another priority for many homeowners.

You can start small and add a few digital elements to your living space, or you can go all out and create your very own smart home. No matter the pace, there’s no stopping this trend.

Mid Century Modern Theme

Mid Century modern is a theme that’s been relevant for decades with no signs of stopping. Even if you consider Mid Century modern too far from your personal style, there are so many important elements we find throughout new age modern that have been influenced by the former.

Some of the most popular and ever-trendy elements of mid century modern design include:

  • Functional wood pieces
  • Curved design elements and clean lines
  • Bold jewel tones and vibrant colors
  • Graphic shapes

Make A Bold Statement with Color

Simplicity and achromatic palettes inspire people to enjoy the little details in their home with minimal distraction. Some simple – yet effective – ways to incorporate bold colors into your home include:

For a drastic statement:

Paint walls or furniture. Accent walls can help you achieve this look, but an entire room painted with a vibrant color can take things to the next level.

For a mild statement:

Incorporate bold accessories. Choose a single daring color to use throughout the room for a uniform yet fun statement.


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