Design Tip – Illuminate Your Space with Statement Lighting

If you’ve been searching for ways to amp up your home’s design in a simple way, then prepare to have a light bulb moment! Statement lighting can both brighten and add beauty to just about any room. If you’ve already thought about putting a new light fixture in your space but haven’t’ quite gotten around to it yet, you’re probably struggling with picking a design.

Check out 4 of our favorite statement lighting options: 


1. Modern Farmhouse Fixtures
There’s a lot of variety when it comes to modern farmhouse light fixtures, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. From black cafe-style chandeliers with visible light bulbs to wooden box-shaped fixtures with black light bulb holders, the key to getting this style right is using minimalistic and simplistic designs as a focal point without drawing attention away from the rest of the room.
2. Globe Pendants
Either fully clear or tinted circular fixtures can work wonders for an elegant and chic upgrade to your room’s lighting. Illuminate your game with a combination of both modern and vintage designs by hanging a light that adds unique charm and ambriance. This light fixture will certainly draw the eye of anyone the minute they step into the room. 
3. Elegant Chandeliers
If you like the finer things in life and want to camp yp your space with jaw-dropping details, opt for a light fixture fit for royalty. Choose between white or crystal options, or go bold and pick a pop of color for our living room or dining room. You can also put a more causal, shabby chic spin on the chandeliers’ design by choosing a more rustic choice to dress down the room a little. 
4. Bold Table Lamps
Maybe you want a lamp that can sit nicely on a table or counter. Well, you’re in luck because there are some beautiful options that steal the show. Pick a bold design and place it on your bedroom dresser, the corner of your kitchen counter, in your living room beside your regular reading spot or on a bedside table in your guest bedroom. Wherever you choose to put it, a table lamp can make a beautiful and bright focal point.

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