Do you feel like Goldilocks?


Have you ever gone to a store and sat in the most uncomfortable chair you’ve ever sat in, and then sat in another one that looks really similar you could sit in this one for hours? It doesn’t just happen to Goldilocks, there’s a lot of different reasons this can be the case, but today we’re going to share with you the considerations we make when designing furniture for our clients.

8-way Hand Tied Springs

Sinuous Spring Base

  • Quality Construction – Kiln dried, solid wood frames will feel more secure and last for significantly longer than low-grade green wood or low plywood that is sometimes even supplemented with cardboard on the sides and back. This one is hard to see on a finished piece, but one you can feel and hear when you sit. Traditionally, 8-way hand tied springs are the marker of a high quality seat, but innovations in sinuous spring decks for modern seats has added an additional way to get a supportive base without relying on webbing alone.



  • Cushion Construction – Whether you like a soft plush seat or a supportive firm one there are options available in down or fiber to give you the comfort level you prefer. In lower quality seats it might just be feathers in a form, but quality seats will have at least a 1.8 density foam core that can be enhanced with springs, feathers, and/or memory foam that is then wrapped in dacron, tickling, and finished in a cotton case. Knowing whether you like to sit “in” or “on” furniture will help you as well.

  • Anthropometrics – or the physical measurements of a person’s size, form, and functional capacities. When selecting furniture we take into consideration the height and size of our clients. The scale of a chair that a person 5’2″ finds comfortable will often not be the same as someone who is 6’4″. Both the height and depth of the chair seat play a large factor in this.

Example of a Tight Back Chair

A Tufted Chesterfield Style Chair

A Box Back Cushion Chair

  • Style of Chair – Certain features will add an extra layer of complexity as to how a chair will sit. For example, a tight back, or a piece that does not have an cushion in the back but has a flat taut piece of fabric along the back, will have a more supportive and firm back than one with an attached plush cushion. Chesterfield pieces, or one with diamond tufting along the back and sides, are also known for having a very firm back to maintain the precise tufting, and are great for spaces you might chat, not watch a 2 hour movie on. Alternatively a lot of modern pieces that look slim and boxy from a glance seem uncomfortable can actually feel very nice when constructed with quality cushions and using the right scale for you.


When we go to furniture markets at least 3 times per year, we sit in thousands of seats and analyze all of these features, and only will offer our clients upholstery that has met our standards in comfort and quality. You don’t have to sit in thousands of chair to find your perfect sit! There’s a lot of nuance when selecting your perfect chair but we make it simple! Contact us to get started today!


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