Indulge Your Guests


Indulge your guests this holiday season by giving your guests control of how they would like to sleep. Here’s our go to solutions for an indulgent night’s sleep, for your guests or you!


Sheets – starting with an luxuriously soft or crisp cooling sheet set is a great way to start it all off right. Our favorite sheets are from Italy and get softer and softer after every wash! Add an accent like a velvet or lace trim and you up with wow factor too!


Coverlet – These lightweight single layer coverlets are a great way to keep a bed cool for hot sleepers or a way to add more warmth for the chilly sleepers or cold winter nights. A lot of our favorites are washable and very soft to the touch!


Duvet – Nothing makes a bed feel more indulgent than a duvet with an insert that is poufy like a cloud. We have options from lightweight to heavy and faux, down, and a combination of both. Regardless of your preference we can give you a beautiful bed that is as inviting and comfortable as it looks! Having both the duvet and the coverlet, you give guests the choice of what makes them feel more at home.


Scarf & Accent Pillows – Beautiful beds can be designed many ways, but we’ve found that by adding a small scarf to the foot of a bed in combination with euro and accent pillows it completes the whole picture. It also makes the room feel more curated and collected. Remember to keep the pillow and scarf count an odd number for visual interest!


Window Treatments – Believe it or not, but being able to control the amount of light coming into the room also plays a good part in having a peaceful sleep. Having window treatments that can provide both light filtering and room darkening solutions allows guests to have the option to sleep as they do at home, or readjust to a new time schedule during their stay. Plus, we can coordinate the fabrics and colors perfectly with your new bedding.


Need help bringing it all together? Don’t worry, we can help you get there. Get some inspiration from our portfolio, and let us make the design process fun and easy by scheduling with your complimentary consultation today!


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