Accessories, the Jewelry of your Room!

Accessories, the jewelry to your room! A few changes make a big difference. By doing a refresh of your lamps, artwork, and decorative accents, you can change the feeling of your room in one step. It’s just like how you can change up your little black dress from casual to formal.

Here’s some go-to tips when rethinking your accessories:


1. Take a picture!  Sometimes taking a snap shot can help you tell what items need to stay or “leave the picture.” 

2. Simplify!  Larger and fewer accessories have a greater impact than a lot of small ones. Plus, they’re easier to clean and won’t feel cluttered.

3. Odd Numbers!  Accessories in odd numbers are more interesting and pleasing to the eye than groups of even numbers.  

4. Vary the shapes!  It’s visually more dynamic. A great way to do this is to start with a tray and layer in candlesticks or flowers to give height and width. Books are always a good accent.

5. Mix Metals!  It’s not taboo I promise! It looks very chic. Try mixing up silver with gold, rose gold with bronze, copper and bronze, silver and iron, the combinations are endless!


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