French Inspired Bathroom

This elegant aqua and cream transitional drapery design adds feminine, romantic flair to this master bath. Double sided floral and faux silk draperies are paired with a beaded geometric arched cornice to frame the view and enhance the cozy feeling around a freestanding tub and grand architectural features.

Location: Loudon, TN

Designer Credits: Rachael Sheridan

French Inspired Bathroom

The client dreamed of a romantic feminine bathroom. She remembered seeing draperies around a tub in a magazine once years ago, and wanted to recreate that feeling. The challenge was the size of her space and keeping it luxurious without feeling heavy. She has architectural features in the ceiling limiting how treatments could be hung, and also wanted to maintain the light and airiness the bathroom has.

We took her dreams and made them a reality. Utilizing double sided draperies we encased the front of the tub with a beautiful floral and a faux silk back, and framed the window with a shaped cornice with whimsical beads. The combination of colors and patterns are light and soft to keep the space feeling bright and airy, while also rich enough to add interest and enhance the view.
The drapery treatment grazes the floor for easy cleanability in the bathroom space, and goes to the ceiling for a complete look. The draperies are elegantly pulled back with long tassels that are timeless in style with a nod to trend with an acrylic bead. To make this treatment work within the confines of the space, the draperies are ceiling mounted and wrapped around the inside of the columns. Since these draperies are visible on all sides, the draperies are actually constructed backwards, with the “face” fabric as the lining, with pillowcase hems to give the appearance of two completely finished sides.

The shaped cornice frames the window and enhances the stunning lakeside view. To add a touch of fun and whimsy the decorative trim on the bottom hem of the cornice is velvet wrapped beads in a combination of colors that pull from the floral fabric. The end result is an intimate nook with a romantic French look that the client loves.



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