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Windows can be complicated to address. The shape of the window, privacy or light concerns, energy savings, or the aesthetics of the window,are all considerations we take when dressing your home’s windows.

As custom window treatments professionals, we tailor custom window treatments for each window so they’ll fit perfectly and give you the one of a kind look that fits your style.

Draperies add texture, softness, and elegance to a space. Without them, a room can often feel unfinished and even cold. From a practical standpoint, they can help filter or block light, unsightly views, and noise.⁠

Layering is often the best way to marry form and function. By pairing a Hunter Douglas Silhouette®, Woven Wood, or Shutter, with soft fashions such as drapery panels, you get not only the look, but also light blocking and control to limit how much heat gain or loss you have in a room.

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