Want a Cozy Home? Accessorize!

What makes a cozy home? Accessories! Just like in fashion, when the same black dress can change personality with which shoes and accessories you wear with it, your home can change based on how you decorate it. Whether it’s a nightstand, bookcase, dining or coffee table, here are 5 tips to keep in mind when accessorizing your home!



  1. Layer Up To add foundation to your arrangement, use something like a tray or book at the base. This grounds your arrangement and corrals it all neatly in one spot. Remember the proportions of the furniture piece and keep the dimensions similar. If it’s a skinny console, use a skinny book or tray.
  2. Add Height – Give your furniture some height and dimension with a vase of flowers or candlesticks, and pair it with a shorter item. Varying the height keeps it interesting.
  3. Color & Movement – Add a plant or other natural accessory to make the space more lively. From wispy pampas grass to structured snake plants, plants can add color and flow to your vignette.
  4. Mix ShapesAdd something round or an irregular shape to grab attention.
  5. Keep It Odd – Odd numbers are more visually interesting to our brains, such as 3, 5, or even 7!



Remember, this works for all types of surfaces, and you can always switch up the décor for the season or your mood. Need a little bit of help? Give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation today, and  we’ll help you navigate decorating and furnishing your home.



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