Window Treatments for Summer

Summer is finally here   the sun and the heat! Wanting to maximize the sun’s rays but beat the heat? Here’s how!

double layer window treatment knoxville tn

Double Layer! By using a shade layer and a drape layer you are able to control how much light comes in. Filter light with the shade down, and for those really hot days, also draw the draperies closed for maximum control. Plus it looks dashing!

Light Fabric Window Treatment Knoxville TN

Keep it light! Wanting a bright and airy feel? Using lighter fabrics will help keep the room feel cool and open by keeping the design simple. Going the full height of the ceiling also doubles as a way to make your room feel taller! Lighter fabrics also reflect the light back out of the house instead of darker colors that absorb the heat.

living room with multiple window shade types

Mix it up! Not all windows in a room are the same, and they do not need to be dressed the same either! We can help you find the best solution for each window in your house! This room ties the two different designs together by using the same fabrics for both the panels and shade.

custom window treatments in oak ridge tn

Address them all! No window is unsolvable. Even small windows, when left without a treatment, can add a lot of potential heat gain and sun damage to a room. This window in a staircase has a simple roman shade with tape to add personality and character, while also the ability to protect their floors as the sun goes down.

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