Your Own Personal Retreat!

It’s June, and travel season is underway! There’s nothing quite like visiting a new location and getting inspired by the local culture and aesthetics of each destination. But what if your own home was just as inspiring and relaxing as the places you travel to?


You may start out small with one room and work your way through the whole house, transforming your home from uninspiring to inspiring. Think about amenities that you really enjoy during your travels and think of ways you can incorporate those in your home. Maybe it’s the spices or flavors of the cuisine, or the beautiful scenery while you travel. Perhaps it’s incorporating a brighter more vivid color scheme in your home that sparks creativity and makes you smile. Maybe it’s the opposite, where the neutral color palette of serene crisp white linens at your hotel inspires a serene spa-like feeling you’d love to enjoy every day. Have you started a collection of art or sculptures from your travels? We can help you find a way to display those and incorporate those into your design.

Bedrooms are a great way room to start transforming your home into your own personal retreat. Begin everyday with a fresh start, with luxurious bed linens that make every day feel indulgent. If the beach is your favorite place to be, try incorporating a favorite scent that smells like your destination, or utilize sound waves at night to let you fall asleep to the relaxing sound of the ocean. Another favorite is adding a comfortable reading nook that can be a great way to start or end the day in peace. This is a great place for photos and mementos of your travels too!

When your home is your favorite place to be, every day can feel like a vacation. Let us help you plan your dream vacation, at home! Contact us today to get started!





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