Design Movements – High Point Market 2021

Last Month we went to High Point Market, an international home furnishings event for designers and retailers to see all of the latest in home design. It’s always so inspiring to see everything in person. We gathered up the top core movements we are seeing in interior design right now, from traditional to modern.

Multifunction – Homes are becoming increasingly multifunctional and cozy so rooms that are both an office and meditation space or private conference areas and read nooks. Furniture that can be versatile and work in changing spaces help these homes evolve.

Natural – With colors inspired by nature, plants featured in designs, and organic elements featured prominently, we saw so much of nature influencing interiors. There’s also a continuing sustainable element that is in both the brand ethos, and the creation of the pieces.

Eclectic – Homes are incorporating a variety of styles using modern pieces beside antique inspired pieces to create a curated and evolving home that feels warm and anchored in history.

Statements – Making a statement of color or scale in interiors is a great way to add a focal point to a room. Oversized chandeliers and statement art is impressive and makes a huge impact in a space.



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