Design Tips for Every Style


This month we wanted to share a few of our favorite design tips that work for any design style!



Family Pictures
Our favorite spot to put family photos is in a hallway. Hallways are usually long and have room for expansion as your family grows and has more adventures through the years. Start in the middle with a focal image, a wedding, your last name, or a large family photo with everyone in it, and expand outward as the picture gallery grows.



Another favorite tip is to use books! Many of today’s homes do not have many books left, but there is something really comforting and inviting about a small stack of poignant or themed books on a nightstand or coffee table in the living room.



Go Big
When it comes to accessorizing, we like to go with a few big focal items, rather than a lot of little ones. This gives a greater visual impact and lets your eye rest to really absorb the beauty of those few pieces, without adding visual clutter. Another bonus is that there is less to clean, too! This works for art too, one large piece of art gives a lot more wow factor than 4-5 smaller ones.



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