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Leather upholstery is perfect for many applications. It has a longer lifespan than fabric, it ages well, and is easy to clean. Leather is particularly good for people with allergies because dust particles don’t get trapped in it.

There are many different keywords when considering leather: Top Grain, Full Grain, Split Grain, Bonded, Aniline, Semi-Aniline, as well as Protected and Pigmented. These refer to the dyes as well as the level of the leather hide on the cow and each of these have different benefits and looks.

If you like the rough, aged, and worn look of a well-loved leather jacket, then a top grain aniline dyed leather is a great choice for you. This leather will continue to age and shows the imperfections and character marks of the hide.

Wanting a more clean and sleek look? Then a protected and pigmented full grain leather is perfect for you. These are easy care and buffed to a uniform appearance.

Proper cleaning and conditioning with a good leather cleaner and conditioner on a regular basis will help prolong the life of your leather. This will help prevent damage caused by drying as well as oil and dirt build-up.

If you’re looking to update a few pieces in your home we can help! We have 100s of leathers available in our studio suitable for chairs, sofas, beds, ottomans, and more. We can help you pick the proper leather for your home. Give us a call today to get started!


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