Happy Lumpy Rug Day!

Happy Lumpy Rug Day!
(yes it’s a thing)


Look familiar? Never fear – here’s three quick & easy solutions to help with your worst lumps!


1. Rug Pad 

  • Extend the life of your rug and preserve your floors with a rug pad. (It’s why all of our rugs come with one!) The rug connects with the pad and keeps the rug flat and in place.

2. Weigh it Down

  • Sometimes, especially if it has been stored folded for a while, there might be creases. Use heavy objects like books to retrain the rug to be flat without the use of steam.

3. Roll it Backwards

  • Curled up edges? Roll against the curve to train the rug to lie flat.


Let the rug relax a bit, over time the fibers will relax and return to normal.  It took more than one day to make the crease, so it will probably take more than one to fix it!

Still need help?  We’ve got the solution!



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