Try a New Perspective!

Are you in the middle of a home redesign? If so, you’re probably experiencing one of the following:

– design paralysis, where decisions may lie in limbo for months or years,

– design impatience, buying furnishings the wrong size or color in a haste to make a decision and “get it done,” often hating it later.

In either of these cases, the best way to get on track is to look at the big picture. Think about all of your wants and needs for your space, and make a plan.

It’s also a good idea to try a new perspective. By having trained home professionals, like us, come and meet with you about your space. When you do, you open the door for new possibilities and solutions you might never have thought of!

We start each design with you in mind, balancing your style aesthetic, your functional needs, and your budget. We make it fun and easy to make your home decisions. When we present our designs to you, you’ll see a a curated collection of furnishings where everything you select will fit perfectly and look beautiful in your space.

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Sandy Kozar
Owner/Interior Designer
D E S I G N S   Y O U   C A N   T R U S T

Our focus is on top notch customer service, from beginning to end. Our award-winning interior designs include our complimentary consultation.  We can make your design dreams a reality!

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