Wallpaper, it’s back! (and better than ever!)

Does the thought of wallpaper bring up bad memories? Never fear! Wallpaper is the most effective way to completely change a space in one step!

New technologies in both the paper construction and the adhesives used to apply wallpaper have completely revolutionized the application and removal of wallpaper today, with proper installation of course. The wallpaper of today no longer peels in tiny strips, and has fresh motifs and colors, and even textures!

Wallpapers can be subtle, earthy and organic, glam, textural, dramatic, and so much more. From focal walls, ceilings, and entire rooms, wallpaper is a great way to add personality to a space.

My favorite space to use wallpaper are powder rooms, they’re small, and often do not have the space for too much adornment besides the walls, and it makes a great statement for guests.

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