Why I’m Grateful for 2020

This time of year I always like to sit down and count my blessings and this year is no exception. I can easily say that this has been a year of new experiences for all of us.

Through it all, I am grateful for all of the new opportunities that these experiences have created. Collectively we have all found ways to connect with each other, and truly value our time together, even more than before. We realize just how important our friends and family are, and how precious those moments together can be.

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We have rediscovered hobbies, be it cooking, art, gardening, writing, and more. As well as found new ways to keep entertained all while at home.

As a business, we have found new ways to help our clients digitally, reassuring them through our customer service, and our open communication. Likewise, I am grateful for all of the support our clients have given us this year.

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Home is where the heart is, and I think 2020 has helped all of us appreciate, just a little bit more, the comforts of home.


Sandy Kozar
Owner/Interior Designer
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