Window Treatments: Dos and Don’ts

Window fashions are to a room like jewelry is to attire. Window treatments are at the root of our company’s history; we started as a shop-at-home drapery company. Today, window treatments are still an important part of the full-service interior design we provide clients throughout North America.

Our expertise has been exemplified in books, print and online magazines, and other media throughout our more than 50-year history. No better example is the most recent book by window fashions authority Charles Randall. He is the award-winning author of the best-selling window decorating series: Window Fashions, first published in 1986 with sales of more than one million copies. His 2020 book: Designer Window Fashions features 98 photos from 36 of our Decorating Den Interiors designers.

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We recently completed months of working with Charles on an update providing him with new photos, many from our most recent International Dream Rooms judged by interior design journalists from across the U.S. and Canada. The cover of the soon-to-be published book, shown below, features a Decorating Den Interiors designed room.


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With the topic so fresh in our minds, here some Dos and Don’ts from us and Mr. Randall.


DO consider the type of window you have

Whether it’s an arch, a bow or bay, a corner, a double-hung, French doors, a picture or another type, your Decorating Den Interiors design professional can help you select the type of treatment that will work best.


DO remember that window treatments are not just about beauty

While a basic window treatment will cover your bare window, it won’t necessarily address other requirements you may have. Window treatments are not just about beauty but also about privacy, sun protection, sound absorption, and more. Your Decorating Den Interiors professional will ask you questions that will help you focus on the features and benefits you desire.


DO consider the wide variety of options for your window treatments

Draperies can add softness and texture, absorb sound, insulate, be drawn closed or remain open, and more.

Top treatments come in unlimited choices allowing for more creative exploration for the designer and client. Sometimes it takes only a cornice or valance to add pizzazz to a room. There are cool names too, like cascades and jabots.

Alone or as dramatic accompaniment to other window treatments, shades come in all shapes and configurations. Fabric shades, also known as “soft” shades, are clean-edged and neat and can take a back seat to beautiful architectural details when up and out of the way or add stunning emphasis.

Shutters and blinds can fill a variety of roles. They can interface with any interior due to the range of colors, materials, stains, and decorative features.

When one concept is not enough, DO explore the beauty of combining different types of treatments.

DON’T forget to consider decorative hardware and trim

These elements customize your treatment and add individuality. The range of materials available is huge and amazing.

The most important DON’T is don’t forget to call us


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