Your Comfy Chair!

Everyone needs a relaxing space. The place in your home you can instantly relax and rejuvenate. Whether that’s a small reading nook to get away from it all, or a recliner in your home office, a comfortable chair is the foundation for feeling relaxed.


When looking for upholstery there are many factors to consider, beyond the style and the color!


When helping clients select upholstered furniture, we consider the parts of a chair you see, and the parts you don’t. Upholstery is a great example of the idiom “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” The construction and materials on the inside are just as important (if not more so) than the fabrics and style of the frame that you can see.

We also consider factors that would affect the cushion choice. Do you like a firm seat, sinking into a cloud, or somewhere in between? How about the appearance – do you like it to be tight and hold its shape? Or would you like a sofa that feels relaxed and a little disheveled? The density of the foam inserts, and what it is paired with makes a big difference in how a chair feels when you sit in it. We also make sure the scale of the chair fits you ergonomically based on your dimensions.


All of these details affect the longevity of a piece as well as its long-term comfort. Call us today to find your comfy chair at 865-392-6222.

Sandy Kozar
Owner/Interior Designer
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