Top 8 Questions About Decorating Children’s Rooms

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1. What’s the most important piece in a kid’s room for storing toys? Big baskets, a bookshelf?

The way to make tidying easy for kids is to be able to put things away quickly. Baskets are a great way to visually hide the clutter while also being low enough that the child can do it themselves. As they age, using a bookshelf in combo is a great way to maximize the space. One of my favorite furniture pieces are beds with storage underneath. It maximizes an underutilized space, and keeps the floorplan open for play.

2. Should you invest real money in these storage solutions or go with what you have or dollar store basics?

Dollar store finds are good for quick fixes, but do not last and inevitably will have to be replaced multiple times. Higher quality pieces are stronger, and up to resisting the general wear and tear as well as the continuous daily use can put them through.

3. What’s a great way to store books – beyond a bookshelf? A mounted book rack? Something else?

Mounted book racks are great! You can customize them to fit your wall space and be as high as you want or need for the space. Displaying books on furniture and cubbies are also a great way to keep them easily accessible for you and the little ones.

4. What about double-duty items…like storage cubes or toy box benches?

Definitely invest in these. Benches and storage cubes can grow with your child. It may be various stuffed animals and toys now, and later additional clothing or video game storage. Storage is always key, and good storage is worth every penny. There are also storage ottomans, great for additional seating when their friends come over.


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5. Which hanging solutions do you like? Won’t kids just swing on them like Tarzan vines?

Kids will be kids, so it’s best to plan for it. Make sure that everything that’s attached to the walls are anchored and secure to keep them safe. This one extra step is worth the peace of mind you’ll have.

6. How would you store/display artwork in a kid’s room?

A great place to hang their art is a cork or blackboard wall to encourage creativity and give them a sense of pride to see their artwork decorating their space. Additional decorative pieces of art should be easily cleanable, but also easily changeable as their interests change and evolve to infuse their own style in their space.

7. Woven or cloth baskets? Other ideas for stuffed animals?

Woven is timeless and goes with every style. The rigid structure helps give a finished appearance and keeps the room looking tidy. Cloth ones however can be cleaned a little easier, and are able to give a little for the contents inside. They’re also lighter weight so little ones are able to move them around themselves.

8. What’s the hardest thing to organize and store? Legos? Army men? Craft kits?

Of those, craft kits definitely are the most difficult as you want to make sure all the parts are easily contained, and divided into different compartments, as well as by project type without becoming a tangled mess. Regardless of your child’s interests, using color coded storage options to designate the right place to return pieces to. This is integral to creating systems for them to keep their spaces neat and organized.

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