Accessories – The Jewelry of the Room!

When you see a beautiful room, what are you drawn to? Maybe you are drawn to the sculpture on the console, or the floral arrangement on the desk, or maybe it’s the styling of the shelves.

Though accessories are often overlooked, these pieces are the unexpected stars of a room and add your personality and style. Just like a little black dress can be transformed from formal to casual or bohemian to classic, your room can also transform based on your accessories.

There are many design aspects to consider when selecting accessories, such as color, scale, and proportion to the objects around it. However, you also want to consider the feeling you want the room to have.

We often will help our clients design their rooms and bring the perfect accessories that bring out the personality they are wanting in their space. We bring accessories to fit your design – whether it’s a floral arrangement, vases, bowls, bookends or a beautiful sculpture. These accessories complete your design and fit the scale of your home.

Accessories are the jewelry of the room, so indulge in pieces that match your style. Consider how we can bring accessories to complete your designs. Give us a call today at 865-392-6222!



Sandy Kozar
Owner/Interior Designer
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